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Church of the Good Shepherd.


The Church of the Good Shepherd is located at Bexhill,
on the Corndale road.


     It is only a short distance down the hill from the Bexhill Open Air Cathedral, and for this reason is an ideal alternative to the Cathedral when the weather is inclement. See the Weddings page of this web site for more information.


    The church of the Good Shepherd houses a well maintained pipe organ, which was built by a Brisbane carpenter, Leslie Robert Somerville, in about 1940 and was installed in his own home. He constructed the pipe organ  from parts secured from various sources. The keyboards and some of the pipes came from an organ built in 1881 in Melbourne by an Englishman, Alfred Fuller.church2


    The Bexhill Church purchased the organ in 1960 and transported the dismantled instrument from Brisbane to Bexhill in a church member's pig lorry. The organ was installed mainly by church volunteers.


organ    The organ is featured in recitals each September by Sydney Theatre organist, David Parsons OAM.
    It is also the feature at the annual 'Carols by Candlelight' service.
     Every year, music lovers are transported by several coaches from Queensland, to each of these events.